Manager README - 2021,


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As long as I'm a manager, I'm going to try to be the best one that I can be. I've recently been reflecting on my goal as a manager and my strategy for achieving that goal. I challenged myself to articulate this concisely and this is what I came up with:

My aim is to empower people and teams to do their best work.

  • I care about the people I lead, building relationships, trust and motivation.
  • I set context, then provide autonomy & support, giving ownership to decisions.
  • I'm growth & results-oriented, fostering, feedback, collaboration, kaizen & accountability on my teams.
  • I think holistically, encourage cross-functional collaboration and regularly ask the question "What's best for the business?"
  • I'm an advocate of people-first, remote-first and agile principles.
  • I love developing and coaching leads, instilling this same philosophy, bringing cohesion and health to the org.

This covers most of what's important to me, but it feels too buzz-wordy and impersonal.

I also dusted off a draft version of a Manager README I had been working on and finished it up. Here's that: Here's my Manager README.