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ML Ops with Andrew Ng

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My notes from a talk by Andrew Ng about Machine Learning Ops.

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Product is Hard by Marty Cagan


My notes from a talk by Marty Cagan about product discovery and delivery.

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Manager README - 2021, Forestry.io


As long as I'm a manager, I'm going to try to be the best one that I can be. I've recently been reflecting on my goal as a manager and my strategy for achieving that goal. I challenged myself to write this out as concisely as possible. This is what I came up with.

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Performance Review Takeaways - 2020, November


I recently had my first performance review at Forestry.io. I'm simultaneously proud of the job I've done, and excited about the feedback I've received so that I (and we) can get even better.

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Post-seed Round Startup Pitfalls


My notes from podcast: The 5 Things That Kill Startups After Their Seed Rounds and How to Avoid them with Michael Seibel, CEO @ Y Combinator

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The Goal


My notes from the book The Goal, by Eliyahu Goldratt.

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Shape Up


My notes from the book Shape Up, by Ryan Singer.

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Ask Why


Understanding why someone thinks, says or does something is critical. Doing so shines a light on their motivations, values, and priorities. It shows you their reasoning -whether it's sound or full of holes and shortcomings. It brings clarity to thought and helps us understand one another.

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Markdown Cheatsheet


A reference to my go-to markdown cheatsheet and a lipsum blog post to display the html generated from markdown on this blog.

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Gatsby Starter Voyager


Gatsby Starter Voyager is a feature-rich Gatsby starter blog.

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